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Best of the Fest: Oska Bright Film Festival 2022 (12A)

Relaxed Screening

A still from Can't Stop Drawing

Oska Bright Film Festival is the leading learning disability film festival in the world. Celebrating ten years, we're bringing bold, brilliant and boundary breaking films from all over the globe.

This Best of the Fest screening is a pick’n’mix of some of the highlights from Oska Bright 2022.

This programme packs a punch and is a great way to see a little bit of everything and to help us celebrate Oska Bright Film Festival 2022.

Watch out for killer mattresses, unexplained sinkholes, and a grumpy old man.

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This is News Radio 
Two weary journalists rediscover their passion for the job through their love of music. A candid documentary that goes behind the scenes of a busy news radio station.
Australia 2020 Dir Andrew Kavanagh 7 min

Colin 19
A stop motion comedy about a coronavirus microbe. Colin always wanted to travel, but he didn't realise his selfish actions would cause the next plague.
UK 2020 Dir Gemma Rigg 1 min

Can't Stop Drawing
D.M.S aka Danielle Makes Songs, created her joyful and uplifting song “Can’t Stop Drawing” in lockdown 2021. It was made with Rosie Ridgway online using shared music technology platforms. The song portrays her love for creativity and artwork.
UK 2021 Dir Matthew Green 2 min 46 sec

Tom Lightfoot
Tom is anxious, he holds a secret in his human heart, a wing beat and a flutter and its bursting to take flight.
UK 2020 Dir Ray Jacobs 10 min

Things That Annoy Me
First-time filmmaker Wendy Belcher builds a series of comical narratives around the petty, day-to-day irritations she experiences in the workplace and the city.
UK 2020 Dir Wendy Belcher 4 min 52 sec

Dancing to Art
In Dancing to Art, four Corali dancers have chosen artworks from the galleries at Tate Britain and developed individual dance responses to them. Together with Tate, we wanted to show what happens when people have the freedom to enjoy the gallery however they want, and how this can open up new ways of responding to art. Dancing to Art, showcases the creativity and talent of our dancers, but also invites you to have a go yourself. 
UK 2019 Dir Nadira Amrani 6 min

A humorous stop motion thriller following one woman's fight with urban fly-tipping. If Hitchcock made 'The Birds' with mattresses instead of crows, it would look something like this.
UK 2021 Dir Gemma Rigg 2 min 40 sec

After being met with discrimination and feeling overwhelmed by unrealistic beauty standards, Kira, a young woman with Down syndrome, is led to change her online appearance to gain employment.
Australia 2020 Dir Lianne Mackessy 9 min 20 sec

A hole in London lures people to jump inside, growing larger, deeper and seemingly more unstoppable with each victim.
UK 2021 Dir Guy Harvey 5 min 47 sec

Secret Life of Jim Henry
Jim Henry works as a network systems programmer, following his natural curiosity for language, Jim has embarked on a new secret life.
UK 2020 Dir Ray Jacobs 4 min 6 sec

Ronnie Jameson is a young autistic student for whom the Covid lockdowns in England during 2020 and 2021 were very hard. But by combining two of his favourite things - running and trainspotting - he managed to create something he loves in the face of adversity: Running with Trains
UK 2021 Dirs Ross and Ronnie Jameson 3 min 37 sec

Da Humbug
A heartwarming tale about a grumpy old man who dislikes Christmas but receives an unexpected gift that opens his eyes to the true importance of the festive period.
UK 2020 Dir Johnny Schumann 2 min 18 sec

How is this screening Relaxed?

A relaxed event takes place in an environment that is specially tailored for a neurodiverse audience, as well as those who find a more informal setting beneficial. 

The cinema environment is tailored to the needs of the audience.

For this screening:

- The lights are dimmed, though not off.

- The volume levels a little lower than usual.

- At the moment, you have to stay in assigned seats, because of Covid-19 safety measures, but you're free to enter and exit the cinema at any time, with easy access for any wheelchair users.

- You're free to make noise in these screenings. 

- Staff are trained and ready to assist with any help you or other audience members may need while you're at the cinema at Barbican.

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