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Temple Grandin (PG) + Introduction + ScreenTalk

Autism and Cinema

Claire Danes as Temple Grandin

Drawn from the subject’s own memoirs, Temple Grandin details the life story of the incredible autistic thinker and advocate who transformed the cattle farming industry.

Diagnosed at a time when long-term institutional care was still common, Grandin overcame all odds to pursue her education. The film attempts to visualise for the audience Temple’s inner world – one in which sights and sounds are accentuated, and thoughts run ‘like a VCR tape’. And it depicts her struggles as she uses her own sensory experiences to help develop new approaches to animal farming.

Tonight’s screening is introduced by Queen Mary academics Professor Janet Harbord and Dr Bonnie Evans, and is followed by an exclusive filmed interview with Temple Grandin discussing the film and her experience of autism.

After the film, there is a ScreenTalk with Dr David Hartley and Dr Bonnie Evans, author of The Metamorphosis of Autism

Temple Grandin
US 2010 Dir Mick Jackson 107 min digital presentation

Total event running time approximately 156 min

How is this screening Relaxed?

A relaxed event takes place in an environment more suitable for neurodiverse customers as well as those who would benefit from a more informal format. 
The cinema environment is tailored to the needs of the audience.

For this screening:

- The lights are dimmed, though not off.

- The volume levels a little lower than usual.

- Attendees are free to sit in whichever seat they like and can enter and exit the room at any time, with easy access for any wheelchair users.

- Attendees are free to make noise in these screenings. 

- Staff are trained and ready to assist with any help the audience may need during these trips to the cinema at Barbican.


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