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On the Record (15)

Women Lead the Way

two women sit across from each other in a room, one holding a guitar

An eye-opening documentary that explores the sexual assault allegations against a hip-hop mogul. 

On the Record documents the devastating effects on the lives of several women who describe having been assaulted by music mogul Russell Simmons. Survivors Drew Dixon, Sil Lai Abrams, Alexia Norton Jones, Jenny Lumet, and Sheri Sher share the insidious, systemic fallout that have changed their lives since their assaults that bring cultural and workplace issues to light.

Deeply illuminating and packed with powerful and revelatory insights, this documentary also includes interviews with prominent leaders, activists, journalists and academics, who speak about the unique difficulties women face when dealing with sexual violence in society.

Tagged with: Cinema Women Lead the Way

US 2020 Dir Amy Ziering, Kirby Dick 97 min

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