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Have You Ever Seen a River Stop?

Woman within field of crops

A series of short films that consider the problems with Brazil's attempts to modernise and the impact that has had on its population. 

From the deadly failures of a dam to the construction of a highway as a tool for genocide, the programme explores the failures of modernising infrastructures, past, present and future, in Brazil through the eyes of contemporary video art. The films attempt to sink-in with the flowing of rivers as a source of life, embodiment, ecosystems and the role of water within communities. As poet Daniel Munduruku recently wrote, ‘Have you ever seen the river stop when it runs into some difficulty?’

For Kapoora and Equilibrio - click on the 'CC' icon on the player to select the subtitle track (English or Portuguese - Brazil). A Gente Rio and A Android are subtitled in English. 

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