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Chronic Youth 2021: Preview - You Will Die At Twenty (15*) + Da Yie (15*)

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A young teenage boy in a white top lays his head on an older man's chest, who is wearing a white t-shirt

Muzamil has turned nineteen and is about to face the pre-ordained future bestowed to him by his village, after a childhood curse: he will die at the age of twenty.

Muzamil's fate affects every aspect of his life and the relationships around him: while his mother is devoted and over-protective, his father cannot bear to stick around and watch him grow up. Meanwhile, Muzamil can never commit to his childhood sweetheart. Yearning for life, connection and a world beyond the village, Muzamil grapples with his destiny.

Only the eighth Sudanese film to be made in the last two decades, and the first entered into the Academy Awards, this film is a rare gem, littered with poetic visuals, and a moral at its heart. 

+ Da Yie 

Two children, Matilda and Price, embark on a life-changing trip with a stranger. Inspired by the director Anthony Nti’s own experience, it explores peer pressure, the innocence of children and the role of adults, while its cinematography and composition showcases Ghana's vibrant coast. 

Sudan 2019 Dir Amjad Abu Alala 105 min

Ghana 2019 Anthony Nti 21 min

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