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Audio Described Tour

Claudia Andujar: The Yanomami Struggle

Yanomami dwelling on fire

A tour of Claudia Andujar: The Yanomami Struggle specifically for blind and partially-sighted visitors, led by Lisa Squirrel who will describe key artworks on display in the exhibition.

An exhibition devoted to the life and work of Claudia Andujar and her collaboration with the Yanomami, one of Brazil’s largest indigenous peoples, who she has spent her life documenting and defending.

Over 200 photographs, an audio-visual installation and a series of drawings by the Yanomami are brought together for the exhibition. They reflect the dual nature of Andujar’s five-decade relationship with them, highlighting her commitment to both art and activism. Photos from her first six years living with the Yanomami, showing how she grappled with visually interpreting a complex culture, will feature alongside imagery produced during periods of direct activism, as she used her camera and archive as a tool for political change.

No specialist knowledge is required. This friendly and informal tour will last approximately an hour and a half with time for questions and answers.

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