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Shelter – Farewell to Eden (15*)

Alternate Realities

Pepsi in Shelter - Farewell to Eden

Trans migrant Pepsi, born in the Philippines, shares her fascinating life experiences as she journeys to seek asylum in Italy.

Pepsi recounts her astonishing life, from growing up in the minority Muslim (Moro) community in the Philippines, joining the Islamic Liberation Front and moving temporarily to Libya to work as a nurse. Enrico Masi’s stunningly beautiful film follows Pepsi’s experiences between France and Italy, where she hopes to be granted asylum.

Masi’s sensitive direction and Pepsi’s compelling philosophical narration simultaneously reveals the complexities of her personal experiences and considers gender inequality, transphobia and racism, in a film that has been described as a ‘post-colonial parable’.

Italy/France 2019 Dir Enrico Masi 80 min

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