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Selfie (15*)

Alternate Realities

A man takes a selfie in a bathroom and we see this reflected in a mirror opposite, while a friend looks directly into the mirror

Two 16-year-old boys record the aftermath of the killing of one of their friends in this intensely personal documentary, filmed in Naples.

Alessandro and Pietro, both 16, live in Traiano, a poor district in Naples where their friend, Davide, was shot dead by police, who mistook him for a fugitive. Encouraged by director Agostino Ferrente, the boys film themselves and their neighbourhood in the weeks following the tragedy, as they grieve and consider their own futures.

Despite the context, there is plenty of humour in the iPhone videos the boys create. Using their phones as a mirror to reflect their complex emotions, Alessandro and Pietro are hugely likeable guides, and Selfie is a poignant exploration of loyalty and friendship.

Italy 2019 Dir Agostino Ferrente 78 min

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