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Rocks (12A) + Recorded Q&A with Sarah Gavron

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A heartwarming depiction of teenage girlhood in London highlighting the importance of female friendships.

Directed by Sarah Gavron, this dynamic film follows Rocks, a teenager who, in her mother’s absence, becomes primary caregiver to her brother Emmanuel all whilst trying to complete her GCSEs and navigate adolescent friendships.

Propelled by a strong and captivating cast of teenage girls, Rocks immerses you in the day-to-day of contemporary girlhood in London. It simultaneously asks questions about the maturity thrust upon young Black girls, going beyond the typical coming-of-age narrative.Selected for the special presentation strand of the 2019 London Film Festival.

These are special Reclaim The Frame screenings which include a recorded introduction and post screening discussion hosted by Birds’ Eye View director-at-large, Mia Bays, with Rocks director Sarah Gavron, associate director Anu Henriques and writers Theresa Ikoko & Claire Wilson.

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2019 UK Dir Sarah Gavron 93 min

Please note: the screening on Tue 29 Sep, 8.40pm is a Captioned Screening.


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