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Relaxed Viewing of Michael Clark: Cosmic Dancer


A relaxed exhibition view takes place in an environment more suitable those who would benefit from a more informal format. 

For this exhibition view: 
•    Sounds lowered or switched off in some sections
•    Exhibition capacity is reduced to allow a more suitable environment
•    The Front of House team are briefed on providing a more informal service
•    A quiet chill out space is provided with comfortable seating
•    Visitors are welcome to stay as long as they like but sounds will be raised after the hour session
•    Advance booking is essential but visitors can arrive at any time between 10:00 & 11:00am
•    If visitors have a particular requirement and would like to come, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate their needs

For your information, the following will be adjusted
•    The sound on the Charles Atlas piece to be turned off including the speakers at floor level  
•    The sound in the Big Mac room to be turned down
•    The speakers in the black out room to be turned to 1 & 2 (Bruce to advise on levels)
•    The sound in the interview room to be turned down 

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