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200 Metres (U*)

Palestine Film Festival 2020

A man looks out at the wall in 200 meters

Up-and-coming filmmaker Ameen Nayfeh’s first-feature presents the life-threatening absurdities of life along the infamous wall, with a perfect balance of family warmth and political tension.

Mustafa and his wife Salwa live 200 meters apart in villages separated by the wall: Mustafa in the West Bank and Salwa and their children on the Israeli side.

One day he gets the call every parent dreads: his son has had an accident and was taken to hospital. Mustafa is denied access through the checkpoint on a technicality, but the loving father will do anything to reach his son.

The journey becomes an odyssey and the film explores the daily ramifications of life under occupation, while shining the individual sprit of Mustafa and his family as they withstand the situation.  

Palestine/Italy/Sweden 2020 Dir Ameen Nayfeh 93 min

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