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King Creosote

From Scotland with Love

An image of holiday makers on a beach in Scotland

Kenny Anderson performs his audio-visual love letter to Scotland and its people.

Virginia Heath’s meticulously selected archival footage depicts the full spectrum of life, from work to play, love to loss, humour to tragedy – it envelopes us in a world that may seem in the distant past, but that still resonates strongly today. With a live soundtrack from King Creosote and his band, and without voice-overs or interviews, the music paints a vivid picture of the film’s subjects, from a playful seaside scene to soldiers marching off to war.

King Creosote quickly sold out the premiere performance of the project back in 2014 – this is another chance to witness a project which still stands out as one of the highlights of his discography. The song-cycle shows his versatility and song-writing craft as he effortlessly moves from dreamy indie pop to ragtime polka with an omni-present flair for storytelling.

This concert will start at the advertised start time and running times will be confirmed closer to the event

Produced by the Barbican in association with Eat Your Own Ears


photo of andrew bird with a black hat by the barbican lakeside

Barbican Sessions: Andrew Bird

For our most recent Barbican Session, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and prodigious whistler Andrew Bird performs ‘Sisyphus’ from his latest album My Finest Work Yet. 

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