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Emmy the Great: HK SOIREE

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HK SOIREE is a celebration of Hong Kong through its people and its culture, curated by Emmy the Great to mark the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

The soirée is themed around a dinner party and over the course of the evening the guests meet to share stories, food and music as they come together to discuss of the city – its future, hopes and dreams.

The evening is open to all to take part: whether you live in Hong Kong, grew up there, visited once, or only dream of it as a destination. HK SOIREE will be moderated by Jenny Lau, founder of Celestial Peach and feature special guests.

Emmy the Great’s album, April/Yuet Yam, details how life changed under the glow of the Mid-Autumn Moon during a period of peace in pre-protest Hong Kong. The Moon Festival (also known as the Lantern Festival) celebrates Chang-E, goddess in the moon: in some tellings of her story she ascends to the moon after defying her tyrant husband, drinking his elixir of immortality to free China from dictator-like rule.

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