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Family Film Club: Stunning Shorts from LIAF (U*)

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A penguin walking around in the water next to a boat

Stunning Shorts from the London International Animation Festival, perfect for the little ones.

These seven short animated films have been especially selected from the archives of the London International Animation Festival (LIAF)  and are some of the most loved films we have screened for children over the years. Every member of the family will love these films but they have been specifically chosen for 0-7 year-olds.

To find out more about LIAF and their programmes please visit their website.

Running time: Approximately 55 minutes

This rental is only available for viewers based in the UK.

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The Penguin who couldn't Swim
A penguin lives on a rocky island in the southern seas, where she feels isolated from the rest of her colony.
UK 2018 Dir Tom Rourke 5min

A strange pointy boy wants to fit in and have fun. Will he be accepted into this world that is so different from him? Or is he just too pointy?
UK 2019 Dir Amy Bruning 5min

Hugo Bumfeldt
Hugo is an alien boy living on a tiny far-away planet. One day he gets his first pet as a present – it’s a real scuba diver taken from Earth.
Hungary 2018 Dir Eva Katinka Bognar 12min

Monsters Don't Exist
Two longtime rivals engage in an epic battle for monster supremacy.
Italy 2018 Dirs Ilaria Angelini, Luca Barberis Organista, Nicola Bernardi 3min

Tallyho Pancake
Mr Bumble’s pancake flies out of the window and escapes. Soon the pancake is followed by the whole forest.
Germany 2009 Dir Kai Pannen 7min

The Fox who could play the violin
The fox can play the violin really well – and the other woodland animals start to take notice.
Russia 2017 Dir Natalya Nilova 11min

Queen Bum
A Dad and his little girl make up goodnight stories about strange Queen Po.
Switzerland 2015 Dir Maja Gehrig 11min

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