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You Were Never Really Here (15)

A still from You Were Never Really Here

Lynne Ramsay's brutal and masterful new film tells the story of a traumatised veteran (Joaquin Phoenix), unafraid of violence, who tracks down missing girls for a living. 

Joaquin Phoenix plays Joe, a damaged Gulf War veteran and former FBI agent turned assassin for hire, who specialises in saving victims from child sex rings. When Nina (Ekaterina Samsonov), a US Senator’s daughter is kidnapped, he is tasked with taking out the perpetrators and saving her. But as the case spins out of control, Joe stumbles on a conspiracy that threatens his life.

Based on Jonathan Ames’s novella, this film is a devastating portrayal of a man wrestling with years of painful repression and abuse. Phoenix is on excellent form, utterly convincing as a man engaged in a cycle of violence and self-harm he cannot control.

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UK, France, US 2017 Dir Lynne Ramsay 85 min

This film is F-Rated. The F-Rating is a classification for any film which is directed by a woman, and/or written by a woman, and/or features significant women on screen in their own right.

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