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Discover what the future holds for artificial intelligence, and how it will continue to shape our lives in this one-day event curated by the WIRED editorial team and co-hosted by the Barbican.

Presented by WIRED editor Greg Williams, WIRED Pulse: AI at the Barbican invites you to explore advances in the field of AI and consider how it will impact on the human experience in the future.

Featuring talks, demonstrations, an interactive Test Lab, presentations by a range of experts and a special music performance by Reeps One, the day is positioned to offer a multi-layered, memorable experience.

The day considers a range of topics including AI’s effect on creativity, the ethics of algorithms and investigates why more and more people are putting decision-making into the virtual hands of AI.

Open to all, the day is ideal for executives working in machine learning or enthusiasts intrigued by artificial intelligence and includes entry to Barbican’s AI: More than Human exhibition.

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Presented by WIRED and Barbican


Mirai Moriyama & Alter

More than Human Chatbot

Can AI get lonely? Our More than Human chatbot seems to think so. Start up a conversation with it now to discuss the big issues surrounding AI, and stop its lonely bot-heart from breaking.

Es Devlin's Poem Portraits

Exploring: AI - More Than Human

In collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, explore the AI: More than Human project page, featuring exhibition highlights, interviews with curators, artists and advisors, artist profiles.

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