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Cyberfeminism on Film: Transfigurations – A Barbara Hammer Tribute (18*) + Introduction by So Mayer

Part of New Suns

A still from No No Nooky TV by Barbara Hammer

We present a programme that bends time and brings together a century of feminist film experiments in honour of lesbian filmmaker Barbara Hammer (1939–2019). 

Hammer transfigured history by recovering her predecessors and creating spaces for future LGBTQI+ visions; ‘woman with a movie camera’ and cinematic theory of ‘dyketactics’, conceived in the 1970s, has become a feminist rallying cry in recent years. 

Using technology to intervene into the erasure of women and LGBTQI+ people, Hammer worked with archive material and video, as well as her own images, to rewrite an inclusive lesbian queerstory. This programme presents Hammer as queer historian, leaping backwards from her cyborg experiments with super-wide lenses and early computer editing, to a transformational dance film by Hammer’s beloved precursor, Maya Deren, and forward to Tanya Syed's portrait of butch icon Peggy Shaw, which draws on Hammer’s lesbian aesthetics and performative portraiture.


Ritual in Transfigured Time
US 1946 Dir Maya Deren 15 min Digital presentation

Bent Time
US 1984 Dir Barbara Hammer 21 min Digital presentation

No No Nooky TV
US 1987 Barbara Hammer 12 min Digital presentation

Peggy Shaw - A Film Portrait
UK 2014 Dir Tanya Syed 16 min 30 sec Digital presentation

Maya Deren’s Sink
US 2011 Dir Barbara Hammer 30 min Digital presentation


Total event run time to be confirmed  

*Locally classified 

Barbican Cinema 2