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Social Dreaming Matrix

Daria Martin: Tonight the World

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Ever wondered how your dreams connect with those of others? This interactive session invites you to share dreams and associated thoughts, with two experienced psychotherapists.

Using Daria Martin’s exhibition Tonight the World as a springboard, this event explores the collective unconscious in the context of today’s society. Taking place in the exhibition space, you’re invited to share your dreams and thoughts in this open environment. This session is about exploring connections, rather than interpreting dreams themselves.

The associative process of the matrix allows for open-minded expression and encourages new perspectives. Preparation is not necessary and participants can choose the level at which they feel comfortable to engage. After the 70 minute social dreaming session, you will be given the chance to reflect through discussion and make further connections between this shared experience, the exhibition and wider contemporary issues. 

The matrix is made up of chairs set out in a ‘snowflake’ pattern. This is where participants are invited to share their dreams and other associated thoughts. The process is safe and non-confrontational and no previous experience or knowledge of special techniques is needed.

The matrix is not therapy. Participants are responsible for themselves and their own wellbeing. This event is open to adults 18 years and above.

Participants should arrive for 8pm, so that the session can begin promptly at 8.15pm.

About the facilitators

Laurie Slade is a UKCP registered analytical psychotherapist. He is a member of the Guild of Psychotherapists and the Confederation for Analytical Psychology and an associate of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation for Social Dreaming. Slade has been actively involved in social dreaming since 2001, hosting sessions in a variety of settings, in the UK and internationally. He currently co-hosts Queer Dream Matrix, a monthly social dreaming matrix for LGBTI groups at London Friend.

Catherine Cox is a Jungian psychoanalyst in private practice and a member of the Guild of Analytical Psychology, UKCP and the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation, Cox has extensive experience working with dreams. Her specialist work with trauma and intergenerational trauma has led her to train also in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy techniques.

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