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Part of Real Quick

An illustration of three diverse women holding hands

Boundless Theatre and ArtsSisterhood are throwing a collaborative and DIY art therapy workshop for women. This workshop-meets-feminist forum will explore personal experiences of the male gaze in 2019

Put paintbrush to paper and get creative with others to explore and reject the male gaze, in this Draw & Discuss workshop. You will contribute to a communal work exploring questions such as, how would you want to be seen if you were a painting in a gallery? And how do you want to be seen by the world?

Art galleries, films and music videos are full of female bodies and nudes. So why is it that often when a woman takes a selfie, it’s seemingly much easier to be judged, edited or censored? When simply expressing yourself in a public or online space can be considered grounds for objectification, how do you push to define yourself on your own terms?

Produced in partnership with Boundless Theatre and ArtsSisterhood.

Part of Real Quick, the Barbican’s new platform for rapid responses to the state of the world. A series of talks, performance, and creative experiments tackling current affairs and recent events.

Due to mature themes the minimum age for attendance is 18+.


Curator Jane Alison & Katy Hessel on Modern Couples

Curator Jane Alison and Katy Hessel (from The Great Women Artists) discuss some of creative and romantic couples featured in our exhibition 'Modern Couples: Art, Intimacy and the Avant-garde'.

Level G Studio