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Harriet (12A)

Relaxed Screening

Cynthia Erivo as Harriet hiding behind a tree

Cynthia Erivo gives a gutsy performance as the legendary abolitionist Harriet Tubman in this enlightening biopic from director Kasi Lemmons (Eve’s Bayou).

Born into slavery, Harriet escapes as a young woman after the Brodess family threaten to separate her from her family. After an extraordinary journey to freedom in Philadelphia, Harriet vows to rescue her family. Her incredible courage leads her to be the most famous conductor on the Underground Railroad, with a cherished place in the abolitionist movement.  

Lemmons directs this classic and fascinating biopic with a clear sense of history. The excellent supporting cast includes Janelle MonáeLeslie Odom Jr and Clarke Peters as Harriet’s father, Ben.  

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US 2019 Dir Kasi Lemmons 125 min

Relaxed screenings are specially tailored for film fans who may be on the autistic spectrum, have Tourette Syndrome, anxiety, sensory difficulties or other learning disabilities.

The cinema environment is tailored to the needs of the audience by having the lights dimmed, though not off, and the volume levels a little lower than usual. Attendees are free to sit in whichever seat they like and can enter and exit the room at any time, with easy access for any wheelchair users. Attendees are free to make noise in these screenings. Staff are trained and ready to assist with any help the audience may need during these trips to the cinema at Barbican.

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