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Life Drawing

Lee Krasner: Living Colour

Life Drawing in response to Lee Krasner: Living Colour

Adrian Dutton leads a life-drawing class looking at Hans Hofmann, whose dynamic teaching inspired Lee Krasner’s break into abstraction.

Adrian Dutton is a painter and established London Life Drawing in 2003 after graduating from the Royal Drawing School. He teaches widely, leading workshops for businesses and organisations such as the British Museum, Courtauld Institute and National Portrait Gallery.

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Photo of Lee Krasner

Longread: Introducing Lee Krasner

A key figure in American art, Krasner's energetic works reflect the spirit of possibility in post-war New York. Charlotte Flint, Exhibition Assistant on Lee Krasner: Living Colour, looks back through her life, works and legacy.

Frobisher Rooms 4, 5 & 6