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Indian Music Appreciation Course

Harmeet Virdee teaching a class with his sitar

Delve into the Indian musical tradition with this course – the essential all-singing, all-dancing guide to everything you wanted to know about Indian classical music but were afraid to ask.

This course aims to demystify the traditions and the practices that are central to this most ancient and evolved of classical musical traditions. Aimed at complete beginners, it is also useful for those with some knowledge of Indian or European classical music.

Sukhdeep Dhanjal, a dynamic tabla teacher, starts the course on Saturday morning with demystifying Indian rhythmic cycles known as talas. Harmeet Virdee, one of the UK’s finest sitar players, provides insights into raga music. On Sunday, the award-winning broadcaster, journalist, novelist and critic, Jameela Siddiqi, will cover both North Indian (Hindustani) and South Indian (Carnatic) traditions, as well as the origins and contemporary history of the genre.

Produced by Darbar in association with Barbican


Sat 5 Oct

10am What is tala and the tabla with Sukhdeep Dhanjal 
11.30am tea break
12.00pm Demystifying Ragas with Harmeet Virdee
1.00pm lunch break 
2.00pm Hindustani concert of sitar and tabla performance breakdown with Harmeet Virdee and Sukhdeep Dhanjal 
3.30pm tea break
4.00pm The Festival 2019 and Q&A with Harmeet Virdee and Sukhdeep Dhanjal
5pm approximate end time

Sun 6 Oct

10am Origins and Legends including the nature of sound, two distinct classical music traditions, North & South and differences between Indian and European classical music
11.30am tea break
12.00pm Vocal Music, Khayal & Dhrupad
1.00pm lunch break
2.00pm Traditional ways of teaching Indian classical music; concept of Rasa, time-theory & the lighter classical genres
3.30pm tea break
4.00pm detailed exploration of Thumri
5pm approximate end time

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