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In Conversation: Daria Martin and Laura Mulvey

In Conversation: Daria Martin and Laura Mulvey

Join artist Daria Martin as she discusses her new Curve commission Tonight the World with acclaimed feminist film theorist Laura Mulvey.

Daria Martin and Laura Mulvey discuss psychoanalysis, experimental filmmaking and challenging the male gaze in an exciting conversation giving an insight into Martin’s new work

Martin has staged a series of encounters in The Curve that take viewers through the dreams of artist Susi Stiassni, her grandmother, who fled the Holocaust. The artist reimagines The Curve as a space where memory, time and place clash and blend. You can encounter this virtual world as a filmed walkthrough, and then as a live action film which brings five of Stiassni’s dreams to life in Martin’s own rich visual style. 

The fully illustrated catalogue Daria Martin: Tonight the World – including an essay by Dr Maria Walsh and an interview by Florence Ostende – will also be available to purchase.

Laura Mulvey is Professor of Film at Birkbeck College, University of London. She is the author of: Visual and Other Pleasures, Fetishism and Curiosity, Citizen Kane (BFI Classics series) and Death Twenty- four Times a Second: Stillness and the Moving Image.   Six films codirected with Peter Wollen include Riddles of the Sphinx.  With artist/filmmaker Mark Lewis, she has made Disgraced Monuments and 23 August 2008.  

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