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with Max Cooper and Bruce Brubaker

Max Cooper + Bruce Brubaker

Electronica and techno producer Max Cooper teams up with pianist Bruce Brubaker to headline the Sunday night of Sound Unbound with reimaginings of works by minimalist giant Philip Glass.

Taking the live performance of Glass’s piano music as the basis of the reworking, Max Cooper’s live electronic manipulation of the familiar sounds will bring an exciting new twist to the contemporary composer’s masterpieces.

A limited number of tickets for Glassforms will be available to collect from our festival hubs at Charterhouse Square and Barbican Level -1 from 12 noon onwards. But don't worry if you can't get one then - there will be more released at Barbican Level -1 box office at 6.30pm.

‘We use new technology to restructure melodies and create new patterns from the original form - a new angle on the world of Glass music.. ‘
Max Cooper

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A free festival of unexpected sounds in unexpected places
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Bruce Brubaker and Max Cooper talk about Glassforms.

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A free music festival of unexpected sounds in unexpected places.

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