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Brutal Structures: Architecture Walking Tour

Part of Make! The New Brutal

 Image of Brutalist Architecture in the Square Mile as part of walking tour with Chris Rogers and make! The New Brutal

Explore the Square Mile’s Brutalist treasures with historian, writer and lecturer Chris Rogers.

Between the City of London’s facetted glass skyscrapers and carved stone palazzos stand buildings from another era executed in a very different material: concrete. They include a robust tower for a Livery Company, a state-of-the-art institutional space in Victorian disguise, a civic plaza that straddles past and future and an insurance market whose new home became an icon.

This tour takes a fresh look at these structures, revealing the surprising variety and subtlety in this still controversial movement.


  • Tour duration: 90min
  • Maximum capacity: 25
  • Meeting point: Barbican Shop, Level G
  • This tour has an age restriction of 16+

For inspiration...

a beautiful black and white picture of the barbican when it was first being built

Building the Brutal

Photographer Peter Bloomfield was commissioned by the Barbican to document the final stages of building's construction. His beautiful images - which have never been shared with the public - capture the astonishing scale of the construction effort. 

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