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Aimé Césaire: A Voice for History (12A*) + Introduction by Professor Belinda Jack

Hidden Figures: Euzhan Palcy

Aimé Césaire looks out to sea in a pale suit, with bright yellow grass beneath him

Euzhan Palcy pays tribute to her mentor – author, civil rights activist and négritude co-founder Aimé Césaire – in this revealing documentary.

Euzhan Palcy gained privileged access to the Martinique poet, author and politician Aimé Césaire for this documentary series, made for French TV. Across nearly three hours, Palcy charts Césaire’s remarkable life, from growing up in Martinique to his tenure as mayor of Fort-de-France and his time in Paris, where he co-founded the négritude movement, celebrating black culture and identity.

Intellectuals and writers such as Maryse Condé and Maya Angelou discuss his legacy, while the interviews with Césaire himself offer great insight into a major figure in Francophone literature and politics.

Martinque/France 1994 Dir Euzhan Palcy 165 min (3 x 55 min episodes)


In partnership with HOME, Manchester 

Professor Belinda Jack is a Fellow and Tutor at Christ Church, University of Oxford. She is the author of a number of books including the ground-breaking study 'Negritude and Literary Criticism' and, last April, 'Reading: A Very Short Introduction'.

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