Thurston Moore:12x12

Music for Twelve 12-String guitars

Thurston Moore enjoys a glass of red wine in the guardian whilst looking wistfully off into the distance

Arch-experimentalist & former Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore leads a symphony of 12-string guitars in this two-part programme – the first half acoustic, the second electric.

This isn’t a Rock band – it’s an orchestra, with Moore as conductor & composer. Twelve guitarists are arranged as if one instrument, exploring the vast emotional depths present in 12 strings. Contemplative acoustic meditations give way to all-out electric onslaughts, recalling the visceral ensemble compositions of Moore’s legacy through No Wave, Noise Rock & the Avant-Garde continuum of Sonic Youth and it’s contemporaries. Separating the two halves of the show is a series of films selected by Moore.

Thurston Moore has described himself as not ‘a real guitar player’, but he has done more to change the vernacular of guitar music than almost any other player to emerge from the Post-Punk era. With Sonic Youth, he manipulated guitars as to be transcendent, using unconventional tunings, and utilizing everything from drumsticks to screwdrivers to expand the instruments voice & potential. This spirit of innovation continues in his solo work, most recently on 2017’s Rock n Roll Consciousness.

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