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Poliça + s t a r g a z e

Music for the Long Emergency

How do you write a soundtrack for the end of the world? Melancholy synthpop group POLIÇA collaborate with Berlin-based contemporary chamber orchestra s t a r g a z e to ponder just that question.

They find their inspiration for this project in James Howard Kunstler’s The Long Emergency, a book exploring the looming catastrophes of modernity. And the effects are dizzying: an incessant pulse underpins bewildering electronic textures suggesting a world on the brink, while orchestral swells recall desolate open spaces. But throughout this ominous environment there’s the otherworldly voice of POLIÇA’s Channy Leaneagh, projecting optimism and enduring humanity in the face of disaster.

The project has its roots in a ‘virtual residency’, which brought together Poliça and stargaze, led by conductor Andre de Ridder, for a creative journey while halfway across the globe from each other. It’s a true collaboration, not just ‘POLIÇA songs with stargaze pasted on top,’ as Leaneagh puts it. The result is an album of original material of the same name – a strangely beautiful, hopeful reaction to impending calamity.

Providing support on the night will be one of London's finest drummers Kwake Bass.

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Watch: Poliça and stargaze - How Is This Happening

Watch the live performance of 'How Is This Happening' from their new album Music for the Long Emergency.

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