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Acceptable Levels (18*) + panel discussion

The Television Will Be Revolutionised

Acceptable Levels

The first feature to be made under the Workshop Declaration, Acceptable Levels is a meditation on the ethics of film-making, and a powerful critique of the media.

A BBC film crew is interviewing a ‘typical Catholic family’ in the Divis Flats area of Belfast, when news comes in that a child, known to the family, has been hit by a stray plastic bullet fired by a British soldier – a version of events contested by the army.

Back in London, editing the footage, the producer and researcher on the project wrestle with how to present the incident, and with their responsibility to the people in the film.

Before the screening, we welcome original members and others connected with the workshop movement, including Ellin Hare (Amber Films), Stewart Mackinnon (Trade Films), Menelik Shabazz (Ceddo Film and Video Workshop) and Caroline Spry (Sheffield Film Co-Op and Channel 4) to discuss the significance of the Workshop Declaration and its long-term impact on independent filmmaking.

The talk will include extracts from workshop productions, and is chaired by Andy Robson, who is currently researching the workshop movement.

UK 1983 Frontroom Productions and Belfast Film Workshop 100 min 16mm presentation

*This film has been locally classified by the City of London Corporation

Part of The Art of Change

Our 2018 season explores how the arts respond to, reflect and potentially effect change in the social and political landscape.
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