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Some Like It Hot (U)

Some Like It Hot

Arguably the funniest film of all time, Billy Wilder's screwball comedy of errors and cross-dressing returns in a new restoration.

Two down on their luck jazz musicians find themselves out of a job and on the run after the police raid the speakeasy they perform in and they stumble upon a gang war. With no money and nowhere to hide, a gig with Sweet Sue and her Society Syncopators seems like the perfect getaway. There’s just one problem: the Syncopators are an all-female band, and Joe and Jerry (Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon) aren’t women.

Armed with some dodgy wigs and wobbly falsettos, they manage to join the Syncopators, where they meet Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe): a hooch-swilling, ukulele-playing knockout. Barely able to believe their good fortune, things start to go off the rails when they start attracting unwanted attention from lecherous millionaires and some dangerously familiar faces show up at their hotel.

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US 1959 Dir Billy Wilder 121 mins

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