La Reina Is Dead

Mexrrisey artwork

Mexrrissey return to the Barbican to premiere their new live show, La Reina is Dead –  we’re ‘truly sorry but it sounds like a wonderful thing.’

Following their premiere gig here in 2015, Mexrrissey strike again with new arrangements, new mariachi suits, new films and new swagger as they present a complete ‘mexterpretation’ of The Smiths’s seminal album The Queen is Dead.

In the three years since the project’s inception, the group have played shows from Manchester to Los Angeles and released their debut album No Manchester to critical acclaim. The love that Mexico has for Morrissey and its reciprocation – ‘nothing the world holds could match the love waiting for me in Mexico City’ – is the subject of a thousand articles and theses but the sheer joy of Mexrrissey has to be experienced live.

Produced by the Barbican  in association with Como No!

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‘Mexrrissey was a much truer, more passionate invocation of the Moz spirit… even more powerful than the already-great original‘
‘Mexrrissey isn’t a cover band, it’s a tribute to everything Morrissey has been to Mexico, and everything Mexico has made him to be‘


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a photo of the mexrrissey band playing at night

Watch: Mexrrissey - The Boy with the Thorn in His Side

Mexirressey play their own version of the Smiths classic.

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