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Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts (15)

Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

This deftly crafted and wholly uncompromising feminist Western from Indonesia's Mouly Surya is a provocative and darkly comic tale of a woman's fight to defend herself.

In the windswept uplands of the Indonesian island of Sumba stands a remote and rustic homestead. The widow Marlina (Marsha Timothy) lives there with the embalmed corpse of her as-yet-unburied husband.

When a local gang leader visits and announces that his crew will arrive that night to steal her livestock, and gang rape her 'if they have time', Marlina must take drastic action to protect her self and safeguard her livelihood. The next morning, she packs up a severed head and sets out for town to face the consequences of her sternly efficient act of self-preservation…

Marlina’s story – by turns grimly violent and morbidly humorous – emerges as a biting attack on the ingrained misogyny and casual violence of a flawed social system. With a captivating score that interweaves Morricone guitar riffs with traditional Indonesian melodies, this is the Western you didn't know you needed.

'If you only see one feminist Indonesian Spaghetti Western this year, this should be it.' The Irish Times

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Indonesia/France/Malaysia/Thailand 2017 Dir Mouly Surya 93 min

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