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In Conversation: Dayanita Singh and David Campany

Dayanita Singh and Mona Ahmed_AKOL

Join the acclaimed photographer Dayanita Singh as she discusses her practice with writer and curator David Campany.

Singh's work operates at the rich intersection of art and documentary photography. In this talk she focuses particularly on her evocative still and moving images of Mona Ahmed, her eunuch friend who went to live in a graveyard. Singh’s intimate black-and-white images chart Mona’s life: celebrating her adopted daughter Ayesha’s birthday parties, blessing new born babies, her banishment from the eunuch community and her home in a cemetery in New Delhi.

Listen to Mona's Story

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Episode 3 - Dayanita Singh & Mona's Story

We look at Mona Ahmad's story, a eunuch, or 'hijra', and her friendship with Dayanita Singh. Actress Shobu Kapoor brings life to Mona’s emails, accompanied by insight from director, Ila Mehrotra-Jenkins and Exhibition Assistant, Charlotte Flint.

Frobisher Auditorium 2