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Mr Benn Shorts: As If By Magic… (U)

Framed Film Club

1970s favourite Mr Benn

These classic 1970s animations are as enchanting as ever. Each time Mr Benn tries on a different costume, he finds himself in another world and on a brand new adventure.

Mr Benn is the ordinary, bowler-hatted office worker who lives in the ordinary suburban street of Festive Road. However, when he tries on a costume in a mysterious costume shop, he steps out of the changing room into a different time and place, appropriate to his apparel. His adventures include him being a cook, a clown and discovering an incredible flying magic carpet.

UK 1971-1972 Dirs Various 56 min

Adults can only come if they’re bringing a child, and children can only come along if accompanied by an adult.

If you’re over 18, we’re afraid being a ‘big kid’ doesn’t count


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