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It's raining burgers, hallelujah, it's raining burgers, amen

Framed Film Club: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (U)

A local scientist is often regarded as a failure until he inadvertently invents a machine that can make food fall from the sky.

That is one well trained dragon

How to Train Your Dragon (PG)

The son of a Viking chief must capture a dragon in order to mark his passage into manhood and prove his worthiness in this much-loved adaptation of Cressida Cowell's popular children's book.

A still from Michel Ocelot's enchanting Tales of the Night

Framed Film Club: Tales of the Night (PG*)

This enchanting animation weaves together six fables each unfolding in a faraway land, from Tibet, to medieval Europe, to the Land of the Dead.

A big ol' bull

Framed Film Club: Ferdinand (U)

After Ferdinand, a bull with a big heart, is mistaken for a dangerous beast, he is captured and torn from his home. Set on returning to his family, he forms a misfit team for the ultimate adventure.

A snooty king, a fancy bird, and two young shepherds

Framed Film Club: The King and the Mockingbird (U)

In this classic French animation, a chimney sweep and a shepherdess seek to escape from the clutches of a tyrannical king.