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St Matthew Passion

BBC Singers


J S Bach’s St Matthew Passion in the edition Mendelssohn prepared for the 1829 performance he mounted in Berlin, and which heralded Bach’s renaissance.

Mendelssohn’s grandmother hosted a salon that championed Bach’s music, his father collected Bach manuscripts, so it is no surprise that Felix should share their adoration and become involved in the modern revival of the great JSB’s music. Tonight’s concert takes us back to the Berlin of March 1829, when Mendelssohn conducted the forces of the Singakademie in a performance of Bach’s St Matthew Passion, a performance that played a major role in re-establishing Bach’s music in the concert repertoire. Join the BBC Singers and St James’ Baroque for a very rare outing for Mendelssohn’s performing edition.

Milton Court Concert Hall


a black and white photo of philip glass in london at the barbican centre

Listen: Philip Glass at 75

For this rare interview, the great American composer chats to Ben Eshmade in a London cab, ahead of the celebrations for his 75th birthday at the Barbican Centre in London.