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International Competition Programme 5 “Long Shorts” (15*)

Part of LIAF 2017

A still from LIAF 2017 competition entry Impossible Figures and Other Stories

Some films take time to draw us more comprehensively into their worlds, this programme showcases the best longer films from the 2,600 entries submitted to London International Animation Festival 2017.

Heads Together

Three friends exchange heads by accident and are forced to adapt to each others life.

Netherlands 2017 Dir Job Joris and Marieke 21min


Impossible Figures and Other Stories II

A woman trips and falls while rushing around the house. She gets up, only to discover that her house has acquired unusual features and is now a home built from paradoxes, filled with illusions and covered with strange patterns.

Poland 2016 Dir Marta Pajek 15min


The Burden

A motel, a self-service restaurant, a call centre and a supermarket on the motorway are the setting for this apocalyptic musical. The songs tell of freedom, of the empty promises of the consumer world, and of the desire for an existence without worry.

Sweden 2017 Dir Niki Lindroth Von Bahr 14min


Strange Case

Film as a metaphor for life, the last surrealistic journey into consciousness. A stream of images, thoughts and memories. The sequence of a protagonist’s personal experiences and collective memory.

Poland 2017 Dir Zbigniew Przypadek 13min


After All

After all is said and done…all that is left are memories. A man cleans out his childhood home remembering past conversations.

Australia 2016 Dir Michael Cusack 13 min


World of Tomorrow Episode 2 'The Burden of Other People's Thoughts'.

Following on from Episode 1, this follow-up is an epic voyage inward, a dizzying spin down the rabbit hole of the human subconsciousness. Emily Prime is back to remind us that kids are the only people who can really live in the moment, the only people who aren’t too busy looking forward or thinking back. 

US 2017 Dir Don Hertzfeldt 23min

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