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Jamila Gavin Presents: Azur and Asmar - The Princes' Quest (U)

Framed Film Club

A still from the film Azur and Asmar

Jamila Gavin introduces this lavish Arabian Nights-style animated tale.

This month, author Jamila Gavin (Coram Boy, Grandpa Chatterji) has taken over Framed Film Club by choosing some of her favourite children’s classics for us to screen. We're delighted to have Jamila join us to introduce this screening.

Once upon a time, two boys grew up together, until fate cruelly separated them. Some years later, they embark on a quest to find the legendary Fairy that featured in their mother's bedtime stories.

Azur and Asmar is a lavish Arabian Nights-style animated tale, in which the brothers explore magical lands brimming with danger.

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France 2006 Dir Michel Ocelot 100 min
Dubbed into English

No unaccompanied adults or children.

A selection of Jamila Gavin’s books will be available to purchase in the Barbican Shop throughout September.


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