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Bedwyr Williams

The Gulch

Installation of Bedwyr Williams

The weird and wonderful mind of Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams brought The Curve to life with his quest into The Gulch.

Visitors navigated a succession of surreal and theatrically staged scenes conjured by one of the contemporary art world’s most exciting and innovative artists.

From a pair of singing running shoes to a depressed hypnotist and a talking goat, Bedwyr’s curious and often subversive internal dialogue played out along The Curve’s space in this fantastical installation.

Physical and metaphorical twists and turns guided you through the gallery and ultimately inspired you to give your own performance, one that filled the cavernous gorge of The Gulch for those following in your footsteps. Minute observations were elevated to a monumental scale and compelling scenarios came to the fore on this intriguing and immersive journey.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and with the support of the Henry Moore Foundation.


‘His skill is all in the detail: he is a genius at finding the right verbal or visual cues…‘
Studio International
‘An immersive journey…surreal playful, even absurd‘