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Station to Station

A 30 Day Happening

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No two days were the same in Doug Aitken’s ‘living exhibition’ with hundreds of free multi art events taking place over 30 days around the Barbican

In Summer 2015, Doug Aitken brought artists from the worlds of visual art, music, dance, film and design together for a ’30 day happening’. 

The happening featured special ticketed events and exciting free day time events such as resident musician Martin Creed, EMA. Terry Riley and LoneLady recording live music performances, resident artist Tal R’s Rosa Pagoda woodblock studio created original prints on-site and resident dance artists  Siobhan Davies Dance, Ann Van den Broek and New Movement Collective researched and performed in the space. Outside on the lakeside and sculpture court, visitors explored yurts byartists Liz Glynn, Urs Fischer, Ernesto Neto and Kenneth Anger or watched Stephen Shore’s slide show at dusk and so much more.

Artists in Residence

Åbäke, Alan Vega, Zahed Sultan, Siobhan Davies Dance Company, Anri Sala with Anna-Maria Hefele, Tal R, Terry Riley, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Charlemagne Palestine, Albert Oehlen, Nozinja, New Movement Collective and ScanLAB Projects with Oliver Coates, Fraser Muggeridge, Haroon Mirza & Factory Floor, LoneLady, Mica Levi and Eliza McCarthy, Trajal Harrell, Mike Figgis, Liz Glynn, EMA, Martin Creed, Marcus Coates, Ann Van den Broek, Abraham Brody, Hisham Bharoocha and Patten, Isabel Lewis and Pedro Reyes. 


‘Within this environment, Station to Station will generate creative experimentation and collaboration as part of a living exhibition that welcomes the unexpected‘
Islington Gazette
‘The weird, the wonderful and the experimental‘
London Calling
‘Doug Aitken curates a vast project encompassing the indoor and outdoor spaces of Barbican for 30 days ‘


Visitors inside a yurt at Station to Station

Watch: Station to Station Opening Weekend

Experience a taste of the wide range of events, performances and exhibitions that made up Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening

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