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A carefully choreographed sequence of light, sound and movement, Momentum responded to the unique space of The Curve.

Momentum consisted of twelve pendulums that activated light and sound as they swing, drawing attention to The Curve’s vast arc, as visitors were guided through the space by their heightened senses. Each pendulum was meticulously designed and built using steel, aluminium, and custom electronics. The sound was individual to each pendulum, prepared and tuned to seamlessly resonate as they move within The Curve.

Momentum created an environment that had its foundations in detailed research, sophisticated computer technology and mechanical expertise. Yet, the effect was to create a space that feels wondrously transformed, one which you are invited to experience and explore.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.


‘Artwork viewers can't ignore‘
‘A blissfully meditative experience‘
It's Nice That
‘At times it's transfixing, yet it's also disorientating and elusive‘
Evening Standard
‘A digitally manipulated environment that will bring the child out in all of us‘
Time Out