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Peter Coffin

Installation of Peter Coffin

New York-based artist Peter Coffin explored models of perspective and how we perceive space in a 360-degree aerial view of Japanese gardens projected in The Curve.

The projected footage formed a continuous yet disjunctive landscape, challenging our sense of perspective and space. In Japanese garden design, the use of illusionist effects such as overlapping elements, shifts in scale and multiple points of focus combine to give the viewer an abstract and heightened sense of reality.

Coffin used sound to further alter our sense of space as the visitor encountered a soundtrack of someone walking or whistling through speakers around the gallery. Coffin also presented a number of sculptures based on organic and man-made objects that had been rendered using a three-dimensional scanner and distorted to create spatial transformations that challenge how we understand a thing to exist while confounding traditional notions of representation.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.