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Noboyoshi Araki

Self. Life. Death

Nobuyoshi Araki is arguably Japan’s greatest living photographer – and certainly its most controversial. 

This was the first major exhibition of Araki’s work held in London and was the most comprehensive overview of his prolific career. With over 4,000 images on display, the show reflected Araki’s extraordinary breadth of work – from the shocking to the sublime – and included new work never previously seen.
Influenced by Shunga, the erotic art of the Edo period (1603 – 1867), as well as the glossy imagery of contemporary culture, much of Araki’s work confronts taboo subjects such as sex, nudity and death head on. Subjects range from poetic scenes of old Tokyo, to sensual close-ups of exotic flowers and erotic photographs of kimono-clad women bound in rope. 

Covering over forty years, this exhibition showcased the extraordinary talent of this charismatic and prolific photographer.

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Co-curated by Tomoko Sato and Akiko Miki

Supported by The Japan Foundation


Barbican Art Gallery, London
6 October 2005- 22 January 2006

Musee de la Photographie, Belgium
23 September 2006- 14 January 2007

Kulturhuset, Stockholm
13 September-15 December 2007