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Independent British Graphic Design since the 60s

The first major exhibition to explore developments in British graphic design since the Sixties.

Focusing on the smaller independent teams who produced creative, innovative and highly regarded design work over the last four decades of the twentieth century, the exhibition traced how and why UK graphic design developed in the way it did. It explored the emergence of independent graphic design within the music, publishing and cultural industries, its role in the shaping of brand identity and the link between graphic design and the web. 

In addition, the exhibition highlighted the place of graphic design as a medium of protest in society, as well as the increasingly important area of self-initiated work undertaken by designers.    
Rare and classic pieces of early 1960s design print and film work were juxtaposed against work by emerging teams that helped to set new directions for British graphic design.

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The exhibition was organised by Barbican Art Gallery and Guest Curator Rick Poynor.

Sponsored by PlayStation 


Guangzhou, China
29 Apr–25 May 2005

Shanghai, China
2 Jun–19 Jun 2005

Chongqing, China
29 Jul–14 Aug 2005

Beijing, China
16 Sep–9 Oct 2005

Museum Fur Gestaltung, Zurich
24 Mar-May 2006