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Reporting the World

John Pilger’s Great Eyewitness Photographs

Reporting the World explored the close association of award-winning journalist and documentary film-maker John Pilger with some of the world’s greatest reportage photographers.

John Pilger’s belief in using strong images to support the written word led him to work closely with a range of photographers on many of the major stories of our time. The exhibition celebrated the very best in documentary photography and assessed the changing nature of this field of practice.

The exhibition was structured geographically and had sections on South East Asia: Southern Asia; Japan; USA; Africa; Australia; South America; and Europe. A range of the subjects which Pilger covered during his career were present in the exhibition including war, political violence, racial intolerance, famine, poverty, immigration and homelessness. Black and white and colour prints were displayed alongside original newspaper spreads with supporting texts by Pilger.

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Nabil R.A. Al-Jerani, Keith Bernstein, Tom Buist, Steve Cox, Nic Dunlop, Gerrit Fokkema, John Garrett, Curt Gunther, Philip Jones Griffiths, Matt Herron, Marion Kaplan, Chris Menges, Susan Meiselas, David Munro, Shigeru Oda, John Pilger, Eric Piper, Ken Regan, Penny Tweedie,  Paul Weinberg, Anastasia Vrachnos.


Barbican Art Gallery, London
26 Jul–30 Sep 2001

Brisbane City Gallery, Brisbane
14 Feb–14 Apr 2002

War Memorial Museum, Auckland
4 May–21 Jul 2002

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
8 Aug–6 Oct 2002

Australia Gallery, Melbourne
11 Nov–10 Mar 2003

Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen
11 Apr–1 Jun 2003

Centro Fotografia, Porto
27 Sep–30 Nov 2003

Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden
13 Jan–24 Apr 2005