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New Art for a New Era: Malevich's Vision of the Russian Avant-Garde

From the collection of the State Russian Museum

Drawing from the renowned collection of the State Russian Museum, St Petersburg, this exhibition introduced British audiences to the Russian avant-gardism.

Spanning the early 1900s to the 1920s, New Art for a New Era documented a period of incredible energy, when artists in Russia took artistic developments to new limits. The show included many paintings which had not been seen in Britain before with the variety of works illustrating the dramatic innovations of the time. There were bold and colourful still lives portraits and cityscapes by Rozanova, Lentulov and Konchalovsky; lyrical paintings inspired by Russian folk-art by Chagall and Gonharova; dynamic Cubist and Futurist influenced works by Popova, Altman and Ivonov; expressive paintings by Kandinsky; and some of the most radical abstracts of the time by Malevich, Rodchenko and Stepanova.

New Art for A New Era opened St Petersburg: Romance and Revolution the Barbican Centre’s festival celebrating the art and culture of St Petersburg.

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