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Impressionism in Britain

The first comprehensive survey of the development of Impressionism in Britain.

Impressionism in Britain examined the artistic and cultural environments in which Impressionism was introduced, and how it affected the development of British painting at the turn of the century. Monet came to paint in London, Sickert went to paint in Paris, there was much cultural exchange and this exhibition is full of the wonderful results.

The exhibition featured over 200 works by over 100 artists including Clausen, Conder, Degas, La Thangue, Lavery, Monet, Orpen, Pissarro, Rothenstein, Roussel, Sargent, Sickert, Sisley, Steer, Whistler and many others. 

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This exhibition was selected by Kenneth McConkey and organised by Barbican Art Gallery.

Sponsored by Flemings.