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The Cutting Edge

A group exhibition of British artists, cartoonists, animators and caricaturists whose work reflects on society with irony, satire and humour. 

Providing a complement to the John Heartfield exhibition, The Cutting Edge saw political events commented upon with biting wit, together with broader themes such as power, the economics of war and the environment.

The exhibition moves from Spitting Image, whose puppets leave few public figures unscathed, to Art and Language, whose paintings bring an irony to traditional concepts of what constitutes art practice, and from Peter Kennard's photomontage, which provided a potent commentary on current affairs to Steve Bell's cartoons of wicked insight and venom. Karen Knorr' s cryptic insights in to the world of high finance, Ralph Steadman's powerful graphic imagery and Stephen Dixon's allegorical ceramics were also included, along with works by other artists, providing a testimony to the power of visual art to communicate an immediate message.

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The exhibition was co-selected by Carol Brown and John Hoole and organised by Barbican Art Gallery.