Young Songwriters

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Get your music and lyrics in front of professional musicians to help craft and shape your work

The Young Songwriters is a programme that will get you exploring new sounds, instruments, genres and approaches to writing music. We’d love to work with you whatever you put together, be it Grime, EDM, Jazz, Folk, Classical or something completely different.

You will develop the way you write and make your music and how to communicate the intricacies of a song to those who play it. 

In 2017 the mentors for this programme will include:

  • Detta Danford
  • Natasha Zielazinski
  • The Magic Lantern 
  • Ranjana Ghatak 
  • Kwame Kwei Armah (Junior)

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‘I’m really finding my own voice. I didn’t really think of myself as a songwriter, but now I realise that I am.‘
Young Songwriter 2016
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