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The poem that inspired SUPERFAN's Nosedive

a photo of a child with someone's hands on her face, pulling at their skin
21 Oct 2019
2 min read

Winners of this year’s Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, SUPERFAN perform Nosedive, using contemporary theatre and circus to look at how cooperation, trust and security shift at different stages of life. 

Here is the manifesto which inspired Nosedive:

falling/the possibility of falling
(an unknown landing)
How do we face the fall?
What do we do during the nosedive?
The moment before a fall
(when you know it’s happening, but not how it will end)
A shifting of weight
The highest point in a leap before coming back down
The point at which gravity starts to reassert itself
The beginning of the(/an) end
A realisation
A decision
A coming to terms
An act of desperation/acceptance/resistance/love


This is a piece of writing that has been written in response to the creation process taken from the rehearsal notes. Written by Pete Lannon

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